The Ultimate Backtesting solution for your Trading bot.

user Make money while you sleep

user No manual trading stress or leverage risk anymore!

user Nevery again ask what to buy - simply trade more Bitcoin over time

user High diversification - very low risk

user Trade large portfolios instead of small positions

user Plenty of trading strategies and features supported

user Find the best trading strategy instantly

user Visualize all backtesting results


Make money while you sleep. Easily.


Modern and easy to use GUI.

Find the best trading strategy - make money while you sleep.

How does it work?

Based on your fully customizable parameter file, the historical price data csv files and your choosen buying and selling strategy, Crypto Backtester Pro tests all conceivable strategies inside a given range and outputs the best one. Finally the best strategy will be visualized in chart diagrams which then can be examined. Several parameters offer the possibility to simulate the test results under similar market conditions.

Getting started

user  Understand basic trading knowledge and Trading Strategies

user  Get an automated trading bot like Profit Trailer or Cryptohopper, checkout their Wiki and how they work.

user  Then you will understand, you need Crypto Backtester Pro to test and validate your trading strategies.